You think I care what you have to say?

To be honest. I don’t care if you are liberal, left-wing, a Rangers fan, if you are still mad that the Dodgers moved west, or if you are a banwagoner because for some weird reason you ended up on this blog. Well you are probably one of three people that will read this: you, me, and my mom.

So here goes my first post:

It’s September 10th, one of the worst times to start a baseball blog. The season is ending, I am losing in fantasy baseball, and Bud Selig is nearing the end of his supposedly second to last season. So what on Earth is there to talk about? I guess I could talk about what I will talk about in the future. That makes sense right? Oh wait I don’t care what you have to say.

So basically the blog will be 100% my opinion and 0% of yours. It will be 99% about baseball with occasional commentary on other worthless sports which includes my fantasy football team because that is important. In the 99% of baseball stuff I will talk about everything really. Award races, pennant races, winners and losers, free agents, trades, Bud Selig, Frank McBroke, the movie Moneyball, etc.

In the end baseball is baseball. And I will give you my 2 cents on the events happening in the sports. If you would like to comment be my guest. Tell me everything you’d like to tell me. Give me your opinion. Maybe I will comment on it. But I can guarantee you it won’t influence mine. Unless you have physical proof like a bloody sock. That thing is disgusting.



What's your opinion?

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