I guess I will appeal to society

Well as much as I don’t want to even though I feel like I have to this post will be about the 9/11 fiasco with the New York Mets. I’m not sure who to believe, the people that said the Mets wanted and were denied when they asked to wear NYPD and FDNY hats or the MLB when they said they never were asked. In the end I guess I will just have to make up my own opinion so here its goes.

Honestly I would have to side with the MLB in a sense. There is no way that after the uniform uptight NFL police said their players could wear special shoes and special gloves that the MLB would deny the Mets from doing something so small. Yeah there is probably evidence open to the public that shows that the MLB did deny them but I doubt it. Honestly I don’t care what Joe Torre says about this whole thing but in the end I think that either the Mets never asked or they weren’t satisfied with the “approval they got.” For all we know the MLB could have said yes but only for three innings. In the end its probably fitting whatever the final decision was because the MLB probably had some excuse… I hope.

UPDATE 9/13: Bud Selig has responded to all the criticism by criticizing the New York Mets for how they acted in regards to the hat fiasco. http://es.pn/otinx8

Now part 2 of appealing to society:

Clayton Kershaw MUST win the Cy Young vote. I mean come on I wouldn’t care if the Dodgers went 42-160 but if he had the same stats that he does then it would still be inexcusable.

The young phenom is ahead of Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay, his so-called competitors, in the four big pitching categories!

Kershaw 18 W, Halladay 17 W, Lee 16 W
Kershaw 2.36 ERA (#1 in the NL), Halladay 2.44, Lee 2.44
Kershaw 231 Ks (#1 in the NL), Halladay 204, Lee 211
Kershaw 1.00, Halladay 1.05, Lee 1.03

Oh did I mention Kershaw is second in wins and in WHIP. In wins he is behind by one and in WHIP he is behind by only .05.

Honestly the “voters” can say all they want about how he plays for the Dodgers and they are horrible but the same argument goes for Matt Kemp. If they are so horrible and for example Kershaw gets barely any run support or defensive support, why are his numbers so great? Or if Matt Kemp gets no support in the lineup, why does he have so many RBIs and home runs?

The phrase “oh he plays for the Dodgers” has got to stop soon because it only supports the idea that Kershaw should win the NL Cy Young and Kemp should be considered for the NL MVP.

If I was given a vote outside of my own conscience, it would go to Kershaw for Cy Young and Kemp for MVP.

These two fiascos are being blown out of proportion almost as much as whether or not Schilling’s sock actually has blood on it.


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