Manny being Manny?

If Manny being Manny usually got Manny Ramirez in jail then I wouldn’t be surprised, but after hearing the once profound slugger made it behind bars I was quite astonished how far someone could fall in three years. On Sunday afternoon Manny Ramirez was arrested for battery assault after allegedly slapping his wife on the face which caused her to hit her head on their bed’s headboard.

Of course, like most criminals do, he denied the incident. However it will be tough to deny this in court when he could face up to a year in prison for misdemeanor domestic battery charges.

Maybe he’ll see Frank McCourt there!

Three years ago today during the 2008 pennant race, Ramirez led the Los Angeles Dodgers to the NL West pennant after being traded to them from the Boston Red Sox. Since then, Ramirez has tested positive for steroids twice, the first causing a 50 game suspension, and the second was a major factor in his retirement earlier this season.

No matter the case, I don’t think we will see Manny being Manny for a long time, maybe not even ever again.

As I usually do with my one normal post before this, here is a part 2 to this post:

Bryan Stow, the Giants fan who was brutally beaten up after the Dodgers vs. Giants season opener back on March 31st has reportedly racked up around $50M in hospital bills. Now the reason why I mentioned earlier in the post that Manny might see good ‘ol Frank McBroke in jail is because of the lawsuit Frank and some of his colleagues are facing.

Members of the Stow family are reportedly suing Mr. McCourt and other Dodgers employees for the lack of security and lack of lighting among other things that contributed to Bryan’s attack. Now I just have a gut feeling that during that trial, when the jury sees that Bryan’s medical bills are just North of what McCourt reportedly stole from the Dodgers, according to Frank’s legal team, they won’t be siding with Frank.

$50M is a lot of money that the Stows don’t have and I’m sure McCourt and Manny don’t either.

To make a donation to Bryan Stow and his family follow this link:


4 thoughts on “Manny being Manny?

  1. I used to be a big fan of Manny Ramirez, and then there was the first drug test, and his failed stint with the White Sox last year in which he only got 2 extra base hits, which basically made me lose faith that he still had the level of ability left. And then when he retired at the start of the year after failing a second drug test, I kind of lost any respect for him. He had a great career, but why spoil it with drugs to try and keep going longer than he maybe should have done?

    • I remember the day he failed his first drug test. I was in utter shock that a man who gave so much hope to fans every year could disappoint everyone in baseball. However he is reportedly trying to play baseball in the Dominican Republic so it should be interesting to see if he makes it back to the big leagues.

  2. the dodgers + red sox are f****** horrible

    the yankees have always been the best and always will be the best

    you might as well be an astros fan

    • I never said they were good. I was just talking about a player they both had at one point. If I bring up a team it doesn’t mean I am fan of them. I brought up the Dodgers and Giants in one article. That doesn’t mean I am a fan of both of their teams.

      Say what you want. But just because I bring it up a team doesn’t mean I like them.

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