The 2011 Wild Card Race – It sure is a wild one.

American League Wild Card: The Red Sox are tied with the Rays for the lead with two games left to play. National League Wild Card: The Braves are one game ahead of the Cardinals with two games left to play.

These next 48 hours are shaping up to be some of the most exciting hours in sports this year. Here are the details. The Red Sox face the Orioles tonight while the Rays face the Yankees. In what is sure to be an exciting evening, I am curious as to which team Yankee fans are rooting for, the Rays or the Yankees. If the Yankees win and the Red Sox win then it gives the Sox a better chance at making the playoffs whereas if the Yankees lose and the Red Sox lose then Tampa Bay will most likely be playing in October. So which team will Yankee fans be rooting for?

In the National League however things are a little different. With two games left to play the Braves are one game ahead of the Cardinals. However while the Cardinals are playing the not so mighty Houston Astros who currently own the title of “Worst Record in Baseball”, the Braves will be facing the team with the best record in baseball, the Phillies. All the Braves need is a win and a Cardinals loss to seal the deal however the way its shaping out, this race could go down until the last pitch of the regular season for both teams.

Well here is how I see the end of the season shaping out. Two Wild Card teams will make the playoffs, but which two?

The Red Sox have been losing more than normal lately while the Rays have been, well, on fire. But with the Rays playing the Yankees, you have to wonder, who has the better match up? Boston against Baltimore or Tampa Bay against New York? The Red Sox are sending veteran Eric Berdad to the mound tonight while the Rays are sending young star Jeremey Hellickson to face the Yankees. I would have to side with………………The Devil Rays, but wait they don’t exist anymore. So I guess I will take um lets see the Red Sox. I like their name so I’ll pick them. The Red Sox have the determination and the means to take these last two games. While the Rays who also have the determination and means to win, they are going up against the Yankees. At the same time they aren’t at risk of going down in history as a team that experienced one of the worst late season collapses in sports like the Red Sox are.

On the other hand…. the Braves will not be the victors in this late season battle? Yeah that’s right. They aren’t going to be hoisting the Wild Card flag UNLESS somehow Derek Lowe miraculously breaks out of his recent slump which cost me my fantasy baseball league and prevails with a big fat W. If he doesn’t win tonight and the Cardinals do behind Jake Westbrook I wouldn’t be surprised if on the last day of the season in game 162 the Cardinals knock off the Braves and march proudly into October. So here’s the deal in regards to the NL Wild Card. If the Braves lose tonight and the Cardinals win, then St. Louis will get take home the Wild Card banner. If the Braves win AND the Cardinals win I think it will be the Braves playing ball in October.

9/28/11 Update: So the Rays won the AL Wild Card and the Cardinals won the NL Wild Card. I was right about the Cardinals, as I picked every game correctlym whereas I was on the losing end when it came to correctly picking the AL Wild Card. Oh well. You win some you lose some.

In other news:

Ozzie Guillen, the man who made me laugh for hours with his broken english tweets, is out of Chicago. He was apparently released from his contract by the White Sox. I didn’t find this out until the official press release yesterday which truly amazed me. Oh wait, it was one of the worst kept secretes in the MLB during the past few days. He is rumored to be the new head of the soon to be Miami Marlins due to the retirement of their manager Jack McKeon. I will say this, if the Marlins do sign Guillen and decide to send a few low level prospects to the White Sox as a “thank you!” it might be the silliest and most random chain of events to happen to a Chicago baseball team since the famous Bartman incident back in 2003 when the Marlins won the World Series. One thing is for sure, if something weird happens to a baseball team in Chicago, the Marlins are most likely involved.


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