Major League Confusion?

Boston Red Sox: No manager

Anaheim: No General Manager

Los Angeles: McCourt vs. Selig – Otherwise known as basically no owner.

In what is now considered old old news the Boston Red Sox former two time World Series manager Terry Francona is no longer the manager of the team. In a series more confusing events Terry said that he thought the majority of the season ending collapse was on him and not on the players as most fans would think. I mean come on the manager is not the one out there fielding ground balls or tossing up homers, it’s his players. But in a bold move, Francona took all the blame and “surprised” Red Sox GM Theo Epstein and the team of Red Sox owners. What is next for Boston? Only the owners and GM know, however the future of Boston truly is up in the air.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (aka LAA of A – now that’s confusing) are without a general manager after their now former GM Tony Reagins stepped down. Going into an offseason where they lost the division again to the Texas Rangers, with needs all over the place, not having a GM doesn’t help. What is more confusing is what their owner Arte Moreno said about the issue, “Though we finished 2011 with a winning record, we remained short of our objective in winning a championship,” Angels owner Arte Moreno said in a statement. “In moving forward, we felt a change was needed.” A change was needed? What does that mean? If a change was needed, wouldn’t they fire him instead of Reagins resigning?  ESPN reported that “The Angels don’t have long to come up with a successor, with the free-agency period just around the corner in November. Team president John Carpino said club executives will meet this weekend to come up with a list of GM candidates.” Nevertheless, change is coming in Los Angeles of Anaheim (yeah that doesn’t exist but their name just makes it more confusing) and not just for the Angels…

Frank McBroke, I mean Frank McCourt, might finally be near the end of his tenure in Los Angeles. In a whirlwind of events, bankruptcy Judge Kevin Gross has ordered that on October 31st, November 1st, 2nd, and 4th Bud Selig and Frank McCour go nose to nose in what will hopefully be the final battle of whits when it comes to the Dodgers ownership situation. Not only will they be going nose to nose in the court room but also on the stand as Gross is going to make sure that both of them testify. Recently, McCourt claimed that the Dodgers should be able to delay the trial until mid-December so that the Dodgers could look into other teams finances and make an effort to claim that Selig has treated them differently than others. This would be a considerable advantage for McCourt when Selig goes on the stand however after announcing the four day trial, Gross said that McCourt would not be allowed to do this. Seems like this trial will be more confusing then trying to un-tangle McCourts 6(ish) lawsuits.

In other news…

The Rays dismantled the Rangers yesterday by a score of 9-0 and took a 1-0 series lead. Today they play game two which will be necessary for the Rangers to win if they don’t want to go down 2-0 as they travel to Tampa Bay for game 3.

The Brewers took a one game lead today by knocking Ian Kennedy off of his 21 win pedestal. They won the game by a score of 4-1 on the back of great pitching by Yovani Gallardo and a home run by none other than Prince “I’m playing for a contract” Fielder.

Here is an interesting picture I found today, however I’m sure it doesn’t help Red Sox nation ease the pain:


6 thoughts on “Major League Confusion?

  1. Gonna be an interesting offseason, huh? As well as the manager/GM situations, there’s also the teams who are without coaches going into the offseason, or even teams without both, like the White Sox. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens – very interested in the Francona to the White Sox rumours…

    • I agree. Many teams have vacancies however I decided to just talk about the three that I hadn’t before. I think Francona could end up with the White Sox or the Cubs because even thought the Cubs have Quade they are a high profile team that is always looking to make a splash. If he goes to the White Sox though that would be big for them. Then they just need to get Adam Dunn back on track.

      • It would definitely be big for the White Sox. A bit of a change from Ozzie, but maybe that’s what they need. When they announced they’d signed Adam Dunn last year, I was really excited for the year that we could have. I’m hoping that his struggles were just due to the transition to a different team in a different league. I’ve got my fingers crossed for him for next year!

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