Awards Predictions… And a little bit of October mixed in

Well I thought that now would be a good time to toss my hat in the ring and place my MLB awards predictions on the world wide web. Here I go…

AL MVP: Justin Verlander. This guy not only led the Tigers to the MLB playoffs along with my fantasy baseball team’s championship but also put together one of the best stat lines of any pitcher ever. So what he is a pitcher? Nobody in the AL this season was as consistent and as dominant as Verlander.

AL CY Young: Justin Verlander… Look at his stats. Come on. If he doesn’t get it then the voters must’ve thought the CY Young was for batters only.

AL ROY: Jeremy Hellickson. Here is his stat line – 13-10, BB: 72, K’s: 117, ERA: 2.95. This kid pitched in 29 games this season which was four less than Clayton Kershaw who’s ERA was 2.28. For a rookie to have an sub-3.00 ERA in 29 starts and also have 13 wins is pretty impressive.

AL Manager of the Year: Joe Maddon (Tampa Bay Rays). He led the fearless and extremely young Rays into the playoffs. Don’t forget that at one point they were 9 games back! To lead a young team with barely any playoff experience and for most of the team more than three years of regular season experience from 9 games back and into the playoffs is something worth noting.

NL MVP: Matt Kemp. He was 13 points shy of the batting average leader Jose Reyes. He led the league in homers with 39, one more than Prince Fielder. He led the league in RBIs with 126, six more than Prince Fielder. He led the league in runs scored with 115, six more than Ryan Braun. He was tied for second in the league with 40 stolen bases, 21 less than Michael Bourn… it is Michael Bourn. Ryan Braun is arguably Matt Kemp’s biggest opponent for the NL MVP however when you look at statistics and who ranks where Matt Kemp is consistently ahead of Ryan Braun. Why on Earth would a almost triple crown winner not win the MVP award? So what he didn’t play for a playoff-bound team, instead he played for an 82 win team with no protection in the lineup. Nevertheless without Kemp the Dodgers might have been lucky to get 40 wins.

NL Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw. He won the pitching triple crown. He pitched for a team that had barely any offense other than Matt Kemp and out dueled Tim Lincecum 4 times. For a kid who wins the pitching triple crown and to also lead in WHIP makes Kershaw’s case crystal clear as to why he should win the NL Cy Young.

NL ROY: Craig Kimbrel. His had a 2.00 ERA and 46 saves. Most pitchers that get 46 saves are playing for a playoff team and aren’t younger than 24 years old. No NL rookie had a stat line this season that could even compare to Kimbrel’s.

NL Manager of the Year: Kirk Gibson (Arizona Diamondbacks). Last year the Diamondbacks were 65 and 97. This year they were 94 and 68 and won their division by eight games. Not to mention the team in second place was the reigning world champion San Francisco Giants. To lead a young team, just like Maddon did, into the playoffs by increasing their win total by 29 games is pretty impressive. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this was Kirk Gibson’s first full season as the Diamondbacks manager. Woops!

In other news…

The Rays lost and are down 2-1. If they lose tomorrow then my whole playoff bracket will be messed up because earlier this week I posted that the Rays were going to be the 2011 World Series champions. Please win Tampa Bay! Don’t make me look like a complete fool!

The Cardinals won yesterday and knotted up the series at 1 a piece. Along with the Phillies, they now go back to St. Louis where the Cardinals hope they can ride the home-field advantage energy at Busch Stadium into the NLCS.

The Brewers took batting practice off of the Diamondbacks and won 9-4. They now head out to Arizona with the hopes of sweeping the Diamondbacks out of the playoffs with a win in game 3.

That’s it for now… Here is a poll to keep you busy, who do you think deserves to win the NL MVP?


4 thoughts on “Awards Predictions… And a little bit of October mixed in

  1. Love the predictions, match up identically with mine! The only argument people can feasibly come up with against Verlander is that he doesn’t play every day – but there is no one out there that helped his team more than he did.

    • I agree. MVPs rarely go to pitchers however I think that his numbers are to strong not to be at least considered strongly for MVP. Also when you look at his main competitors they had streaks throughout the season where they didn’t play well while Verlander never had a streak of bad starts really.

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