The 10th Anniversary of Home Run Number 71*

10 years ago today, Barry Bonds took one mighty swing of the bat and just a few seconds later his 71st* home run of the 2001 season sailed over the fence. Later that day he knocked his 72nd* home run of the season over that same fence. Not only did the man who still refuses that he used steroids “break” an “unbreakable” record, but he also passed another “sterioid-happy” player in the “record books.”

Now, the reason why I am using so many asterisks and quotations is because this whole idea of Barry Bonds’ record breaking season is somewhat unclear in regards to the record books. The question of whether or not Barry Bonds used steroids is still heavily contested. Every so often, when I turn on ESPN, they are talking about how Barry Bonds’ trial has been postponed again. While the trial may never actually happen, there is still no doubt that he deserves to always have a little * next to his statistics. Whether or not Bonds decides to admit his mistake one day, he will always have a little * floating above his head in the baseball world.

Bonds not only tainted his own name, but every other record holding baseball player since the game’s creation. Even though only a handful of famous players played during what is now referred to as “The Steroid Era”, every record that has been accomplished is now questionable. These records include everything from Lou Gherig’s hitting streak to Barry Bonds’ home run records*.

Because Bonds “juiced up”, every single record held by a clean player that exists in the record books is questionable. Even thought it is unlikely that Lou Gherig or Cy Young used steroids, their records of the longest hitting streak and most games won by a pitcher (along with losses) respectively are tainted, because we will always wonder whether or not some form of steroids bad been used since the games beginning.

71* 72* 73* 762* Barry Bonds*… It is truly sad that a player who was at one point thought to truly be one of the best players ever to pick up a baseball turned bad. Oh well, now we just have to wait and see if someone like Albert Pujols is caught doping.



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