The League Division Series – I batted .250

Well just a few minutes ago I listened to the final out of the St.Louis Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Phillies game 5 of the National League Division Series. Earlier today I listed to the Milwaukee Brewers defeat the Diamondbacks. Yesterday I listened to the Tigers surprisingly defeat the Yankees. And earlier this weekI listed to my computer as the Rays were defeated by the reigning AL Champion Rangers.

Well. I was 1-4 in the LDS. I thought that the Phillies, Rays, and Yankees would win, but they didn’t. So now I guess I have to re-arrange what I think will happen during the rest of the postseason. Let’s hope I do better this time…

ALCS – Texas Rangers vs. Detroit Tigers, Tigers win 4-2:

The Detroit Tigers have more pitching to me than the Rangers do and I think that that will carry them to the playoffs. With the help of who I think deserves both the AL Cy Young and MVP, Justin Verlander, pitching in game 1, the Tigers will knock off the Rangers and compete for the Comissioner’s trophy. However I do think that this series could turn upside down with the Rangers moving on, but for that to happen they need to do what I think is an impossible task. They need to not only beat Justin Verlander in game one, but also score at least 4 or more runs off of him. Momentum is key this far into the playoffs because by now, players are tired and are fighting to many injuries to count. If the Rangers can knock in 4 or more runs off of Verlander and take game 1 they will not only be 1 step closer to the fall classic but will also have a lot of momentum that will help them easily defeat the Tigers other starting pitchers.

NLCS – Milwaukee Brewers vs. St. Louis Cardinals, Brewers win 4-2:

I am sticking with the Brew Crew throughout the playoffs, not only because they helped me achieve a .250 batting average in the first round, but also because they have the what I think the key to the playoffs is, Prince Fielder. So what the Cardinals have Albert Pujols who is in a very similar situation to Prince Fielder in that they both have been with their respective teams their whole careers; in the end, the Cardinals don’t have two key things that the Brew Crew does: 1. 3 solid starting pitchers and 2. a key sidekick to their franchise player, Mr. (I think runner up for the NL MVP) Ryan Braun. The Brewers have a first baseman that can put up the same numbers as Pujols this series while the Cardinals don’t have any position player that can help Pujols match the statistical line that the Brewer’s dynamic duo can put up. There is one way the Cardinals can prevail in this series and that requires them to take both games in Milwaukee seeing as the first two will take place there. However the Cardinals are going up against the team with the best regular season home record in baseball and after Chris Carpenter’s start today they don’t have anyone that can truly match up with the likes of Greinke or Marcum in game 1 seeing as the Brewers used their ace Yovani Gallardo also today.

World Series – Milwaukee Brewers vs. Detroit Tigers, Brewers win 4-2:

In what could end up being the least watched World Series in history, the Brewers will prevail and win the fall classic. There isn’t much explanation needed here. The Brewers have better overall pitching, better overall hitting, and also have home field advantage which means that their MLB best home record during the regular season should help them a considerable amount.

Who do you think will win the fall classic?


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