I can’t hold off any longer… McCourt vs. Selig – David vs. Goliath

Since my first blog post on September 10th I have been itching to write this post and at this point I can’t hold off any longer. I have brought up this issue in two other posts however this battle deserves its own post and here it is…

Frank McCourt, the owner of the famed Los Angeles Dodgers is broke and the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Bud Selig knows that it’s time for a change but McCourt won’t let go of his minuscule grasp on the MLB’s west coast crown jewel. Baseball fans from LA, to San Francisco, to Boston, to New York, to Miami want him out because he isn’t just ruining a franchise but the MLB as a whole. When I log on to facebook and search Frank McCourt the first two results are an author who sadly shares the name of possibly the most hated man in Los Angeles. However it is the next six results that catch my eye…”Frank McCourt: Sell the Dodgers! Leave LA!, “Dodger Fans Hate Frank McCourt”, etc. I also found out that I only like one of the pages. So then I proceeded to like the rest.

The man has taken the Dodgers into bankruptcy, put a losing team on the field, raised ticket prices, turned a diamond stadium in Los Angeles into a gang hang out, barely made payrolls, and delayed checks to arguably the only thing that keeps Dodger fans from leaving and making an allegiance to the Angels, Vin Scully. I forgot to mention that he stole from the team’s charity, stole from the team’s payroll, stole money essentially from fan’s pockets, and lost all credibility with sports fans in at least the United States. So why isn’t this guy out yet?

Well… he basically is by now. Despite the fact that he still calls himself owner, he is constantly firing and hiring different guys to run the team, firing and hiring different law firms to represent him in his countless lawsuits, and living in a hotel in wait for it… Beverly Hills. Iin the end, hopefully by November 4th, he will be gone with the wind, a black hole in the memory of the Dodgers faithful.

Every time his attorney’s give statements through the Dodgers I laugh at what they say. My personal favorite is: “…and its player development system appears to have generated the leading contenders for the National League most valuable player and Cy Young awards. It is, therefore, not self-evident that [the Dodgers are] acting in anything but in the best interests of the Dodgers or of baseball more generally.”

So you, Frank McCourt, are telling me that because you are owner of the Dodgers, you have a leading candidate for the NL MVP and NL Cy Young? Because you are owner your farm system is good? Because you are owner your players play well? Because you are owner you know what players to draft, how to train them, and how to help them improve? Wait. Is McCourt actually Don Mattingly, Logan White, Ned Colleti, and every other Dodgers employee at the same time?

Frank McCourt hasn’t done anything he said he has without the help of the bank’s money or advice from the guys that should be owning the Dodgers such as Colleti and Tommy Lasorda. Instead he’s taken money from the charity to pay a friend, put his sons on the same payroll as the players instead of getting the big bat the team needs to win, bought two pairs of homes across the street from each other, and raised ticket prices to be more money than better seats in Anaheim where the team constantly wins. He hasn’t helped the team at all because instead of doing what he needs to do to help them win he instead takes a seat and does something to improve his already lavish home lifestyle. The only considerable thing he has done in an effort to help the team win was give Manny Ramirez that oversized contract back in 2009. Look what came out of that, 50 games with no Manny in Mannywood.

From October 31st until November 4th I am calling out every baseball fan to show your support, come together, and fight the United States Court system in defense of the Dodgers. Whether you don black and orange and root for the Giants or don pin stripes and root for the Yankees, for these 5 days root for the Dodgers. Because if they win, and make a TV deal with anyone other than Fox, Selig will follow through on his promise of suspending the team, and until McCourt leaves, there will only be 29 teams in Major League Baseball.

Who: Bud Selig and Major League Baseball: Goliath, Frank McCourt and the Dodgers’ “Attorneys”: David, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Kevin Gross

Where: Delaware Court Room

When: October 31st, November 1st, November 2nd, November 4th

What?: At issue at the hearing, according to Gross’ ruling (From the LA Times) –

1. Have the Dodgers violated MLB rules and, if so, how materially?

2. Has McCourt misused the Dodgers’ assets, and is the team “financially unstable”?

3. What is the condition of the Dodgers now, including the team, the ballpark and stadium security?

4. Is a sale of the Dodgers’ television rights now in the best interest of the team? Of MLB?

5. What would happen if the Dodgers walk away from the current contract with Fox Sports in order to pursue a new television deal? (Fox already has sued to try to stop a new deal.)

6. Can the Dodgers live up to MLB rules?

7. Is McCourt acting in his best interests, or at the expense of the best interests of the Dodgers?

8. Has Selig acted in bad faith toward McCourt and/or the Dodgers?

Here is a summary of McCourt’s other lawsuits…



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