The Curse of Pujols is looming over St. Louis

Albert Pujols must be signed by the Cardinals this offseason and fast. If he doesn’t sign with them, the curse of Pujols will unleash its fury on St. Louis. I’m not kidding.

Pujols’ stats from game 3 of the world series have taken over the world wide web so I guess I should put them on my blog too. He tied Reggie Jackson and Babe Ruth with the most homers in a World Series game with three. He tied Bobby Richardson and Hideki Matsui with the most rbis in a World Series game with six. He’s the second player to have five hits in a game tying Paul Molitor. He now holds the World Series record for total bases with 14. Albert Pujols had possibly the greatest game in World Series history last night and this is one of hundreds of reason why he must be signed by the Cardinals this offseason. For that matter, he has to stay with the Cardinals for the remainder of his prime.

He is arguably the best player in the past 20 years to play baseball for the sole reason that he hasn’t tested positive for steroids. Without Pujols the Cardinals most likely wouldn’t have made the 2006 World Series which they went on to win, and they most likely wouldn’t have won the NL Central title in 2005, 2006, or 2009. They also most likely wouldn’t have made the playoffs this year and more importantly wouldn’t be up 2 games to 1 in the World Series right now. If the Cardinals do not sign the face of their franchise that has continuously led them to the playoffs, the Cardinals will feel the wrath of the Curse of Pujols.

Before this season the Cardinals and Pujols tried to negotiate a contract extension however Pujols refused to continue negotiations during the season as a result the Cardinals went into the season uncertain as to whether or not this would be Pujols’ last season in St. Louis. Albert Pujols could be baseball’s next $300MM dollar man however he is entering the last phase of his prime. This past season was the first time Albert didn’t hit .300 or above with 100+ rbis. Last season was Pujols also had one of his worse season in the average in rbi columns. In comparison, baseball’s only other $300MM dollar man was Alex Rodriguez and even though Rodriguez had a little more power in his prime, unlike Pujols he tested positive for steroids.

For the Cardinals not to award Pujols a $300 million dollar deal would be absurd. He is the face of their franchise and he is still plowing through major league pitchers. With Theo Epstein taking over the helm on the north side of Chicago the Cardinals have added pressure to sign him. If the Cardinals let Pujols walk, Albert has a few places he could go and still get that $300MM dollar deal. The Cubs have the money and the position for Pujols. On top of that, the Cubs rivals are the Cardinals and if the Cubs are able to steal their rivals’ franchise player than the Cardinals ownership would be under a massive amount of pressure to sign a different star quickly. Last but not least, if the Cardinals don’t give Pujols what he wants, I wouldn’t be surprised if he went to Chicago in an effort to further anger the Cardinals ownership. Two other teams that have the money but not the position are the Yankees and the Red Sox. Even though both teams don’t have holes at first base to fill they are two teams that if one bids on Pujols the other will a few days later.

If Pujols leaves St. Louis they will be making one of the biggest mistakes in baseball history and as a result the curse of Pujols will consume Busch Stadium even if they win the World Series. St. Louis, you are on the clock and you have been warned by Schilling’s Bloody Sock…


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