A Day of Postponement

Today game six of the World Series was postponed until tomorrow due to the weather. Today the trial between the MLB and Frank McCourt was postponed until late November.

In an interesting turn of events the MLB postponed game six much earlier in the day then people would’ve thought. Usually a game will be postponed after they announce a delay as the game is supposed to start. However this is the World Series and baseball fans across the country will have to wait an extra day to see if the Rangers will win it all in six or will face the Cardinals in a game of winner takes all.

When I saw this announcement I was curious as to if they would postpone game seven too. The reason why is cause it hit me, what if there was a double header tomorrow. What if 3 hours after game 6, game 7 was played. Of course the Cardinals would have to win game six but come on that would be the most exciting day in possibly the history of baseball. A World Series games 6 and 7 double header. MLB , thank you for postponing game six, but why did you have to potentially postpone game 7. WHY!?

The other postponement I heard this afternoon and I was quite perplexed as to why it happened. However a few people who aren’t allowed to speak have spoken. The LATimes has reported that McCourt and the MLB could be close to settlement. And that settlement would involve new ownership in LA.

“The Dodgers’ bankruptcy trial has been postponed for one month so Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and Major League Baseball can explore a possible settlement under which McCourt would agree to sell the team, multiple people familiar with the matter said Wednesday.” LATimes (http://lat.ms/uyE9mt)

If it turns out that McCourt agrees to sell the Dodgers it could be the biggest sale in MLB history as well as the end to one of the worst ownership sagas in sports. Recently, the MLB said that they believed Frank McCourt has “looted” somewhere in the neighborhood of $190MM dollars from the Dodgers. This number is quite big and I think it was the last punch that McCourt could sustain. Frank has kept on fighting and as much as it pains me to say, I have to give him credit for standing up this long however I think he finally has realized that it’s basically over.

Another key factor in McCourts potential waving of the white flag is, “No party has supported McCourt’s proposal, which is opposed by Selig and Fox Sports, which currently has the team’s TV deal.” (LATIMES) The fact that nobody is supporting McCourt other than his attorneys and I doubt they even truly are makes it crystal clear that McCourt’s true image in the public eye is that nobody likes him. I’m pretty sure Giants fans don’t. Oh wait. Recently I talked to one of my friends who is a Giants fan and he actually said to me, “I honestly hope McCourt sells the Dodgers. As much as it paints me to say, I want the Dodgers to get a lot better so the rivalry returns to what it used to be. I want every Giants vs. Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium to be the headline in San Francisco and LA newspapers instead of headlines talking about how empty Dodger Stadium is.”

Well my friend. That day is closer than we think.

Dear Frank McCourt,

Give up already.


Baseball fans across America…. and Schilling’s Bloody Sock


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