Number 11 in 2011.

Well in case you didn’t know the St. Louis Cardinals won the 2011 World Series in seven games. I never predicted the right World Series winner. Oh well I guess I won’t predict anything until March when Spring Training comes around. Seeing as it’s been two days since the world series ended in St. Louis I am not going to be talking about the Cardinals amazing run towards their eleventh title. Instead I am going to take the route that the bleecher report and espn did in the past few todays. I’m going to predict the next 11 world series champions. Bare with me here because the last few will be comical rather than serious…

2012: Texas Rangers vs. Atlanta Braves – Texas win in 6

Texas will make it back to the World Series again for the third year in a row however this time they will be able to get that final strike. With the help of ace CC Sabathia and sluggers Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz, the Rangers will take home their first title.

UPDATE: *With the help of ace CJ Wilson and sluggers Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz, the Rangers will finally take home their first title.

2013: Boston Red Sox vs. Chicago Cubs – Cubs win in 7

In the most watched and highly anticipated World Series in the history of baseball the Cubs will take home the title. While the Red Sox will be led by the powerful bats of right fielder Andre Ethier and Adrian Gonzalez, their power won’t be enough to match the Cubs’ Josh Hamilton, Starlin Castro, and Shane Victorino.

2014: Tampa Bay Rays vs. Chicago Cubs – Rays win in 5

Well the Rays will finally win it all in 2014. The Cubs will be led by their strong staff of Cole Hamels and Matt Cain however that won’t be enough to match the Rays rotation. David Price will take home the MVP award and his fellow ace Zack Greinke will get an honorable mention.

2015: Minnesota Twins vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Dodgers win in 6

With Frank McCourt long gone the Dodgers will be able to take home the title. While the Twins will be led by their catcher Joe Mauer, ace Francisco Liriano, and first baseman Justin Morneau, they won’t be able to match the Dodgers star power of Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, Dee Gordon, and Jerry Sands.

2016: San Jose Athletics vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Athletics win in 7

Billy Bean will finally get that last win of the season thanks to his amazing pitching staff. After leading the pitching staff to a regular season average ERA 2.75, ace Gio Gonzalez will lead his team to victory after a win in games 1, 4, and 7.

2017: New York Yankees vs. Washington Nationals – Nationals win in 6

After a shocking late season run the Yankees will fall short of number 28. Despite the fact that their new and improved rotation includes aces David Price and Ian Kennedy, they won’t be able to avenge their trading of Robinson Cano earlier in the season. Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg will lead the Nationals to victory and will share the MVP award.

2018: Los Angeles Angels of Santa Anaheim and South Orange County, including but not limited to Laguna beach, Dana Point and San Juan Capistrano (credit ESPN) vs. Houston Astros – LAAA of SA and SOC, LB, DP, and SJC win in 4

In the least watched world series ever, the team with to long of a new to fit onto their own scoreboard will win the World Series.

2019: Minnesota Twins vs. Atlanta Turners – Twins win in 5

Prior to his last season as owner of the Braves, Ted Turner changes the team’s name to the Turners instead of the Braves. Nevertheless, they still lose to the Twins in a World Series that got such poor ratings for game one that the rest was played on a Playstation 5.

2020: South Side White Sox vs. North Side Cubs – Cubs win in 9

After commissioner Joe Torre lengthens the World Series to a best of 9 series, the North Side Cubs will win the World Series. Following this long matchup, Mayor Arnold Schwarzenegger decides to change the city’s name back to Chicago.

2021: Texas Rangers vs. Queens Mets – Mets win in 4

After changing the name to the Queens Mets following a $400MM dollar suit over false advertising (the Mets were convicted guilty of false advertising because they in fact are located in Queens which is now its own state) the Mets will win the World Series. Nolan Ryan is so furious after the loss, he changes the name of the Rangers to the Texas Texas in an effort to make some kind of point that nobody gets.

2022: Jersey Shore Blue Jays vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Dodgers win in 4

After relocating the Blue Jays to the Jersey Shore, owner Kim Kardashian somehow leads the Blue Jays to the fall classic. Despite their wild ride through the regular season, the Dodgers win the World Series in four games after all of the Blue Jays test positive for steroids.

In the mean time congratulations the Cardinals for winning the World Series! However, if you don’t sign Pujols nobody will care that you won.


4 thoughts on “Number 11 in 2011.

  1. Great blog post – I actually laughed out loud at the last ones! Interesting that you think CC Sabathia will end up with the Rangers – I think they do need to improve their rotation following this season, but Sabathia would be a lot of money. It’s definitely going to be an interesting offseason!

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