I have no idea where this post is heading

I’m just being blatantly honest. I could talk about McCourt. I could talk about free agency. I could talk about Selig. I could talk about anything and because of that I actually have no idea where this post is going… Let’s start off with McCourt.

Hallelujah is in prayer books and in psalms (what are those things anyway) and I can almost guarantee that they all were written so that we could cite them on this day. The day has come. As I read the LATimes post about McCourt finally selling his personal bank account known as the Los Angeles Dodgers, I began to sing hallelujah. I also went on to almost every major sports website to try and get more information. Well I couldn’t find any. Nevertheless, 24 hours later, 1 of which was spent reading the LATimes, I think I know enough information about McCourt selling the Dodgers. Well, there will be an auction. In order to make it to the auction you have to be approved by the MLB. Oh and a little known fella by the name of Peter O’Malley recently had a conversation with Bud Selig to talk about his interest in buying the team. I don’t care what Steve Garvey or Mark Cuban says. The fact that the son of one of the games most famous and best owners ever is interested in taking back what he sold in the 90’s knocks all other bidders out of the running. Essentially O’Malley is like Pete Rose. Once Pete starting gambling on games nobody could stop him. Once O’Malley announced his interest in buying the Dodgers, he made it clear that nobody will be able to stop him. I can’t believe I just compared Peter O’Malley to Pete Rose. Oh well. That isn’t as bad as stealing from a team’s charity. Wait. Didn’t McCourt do that? YES HE DID.

Bud Selig has been called many things and rarely he is called a great commissioner. Well today he deserves that title. Keep in mind that he is retiring next year which means that this might be his final act and as a result he will go down as a great commissioner forever. He brought us the wild card and kicked McCourt out. He brought us the Mitchell Report and kicked McCourt out. He brought us McCourt, and kicked him out. Bud Selig is a great commissioner. However for some reason not many people think so. Well put this in perspective. The MLB doesn’t have a salary cap and they will likely be avoiding a lockout because they are good at keeping their collective bargaining agreement discussions quiet and short. The MLB has done a great job in the last 20 years of containing its private matters unlike the NFL and the NBA. What day of the lockout is it? 125? Yeah, Selig is definitely laughing about that. Don’t worry I know about the strike in ’94. At least it was solved quicker than the NBA’s mess… If David Stern can be considered  great commissioner then good ‘ol Allan H. Bud Selig can too.

Free agency has begun! Whoope! I was reading a report about the LAAA of A (Angel’s) new GM today. Well lemme say that he has got some brains. I say he is gunna be the next… Theo Epstein. Anyway, I think the Angels will be making a big splash in free agency however it won’t be the typical signing of a player. Instead. Look no further than the Angels to land third baseman David Wright from the Mets. The Cardinals will lock up Pujols. If they don’t, then they don’t even deserve rings. Let’s be honest. He brought them two championships and brought them to the playoffs multiple times. Prince Fielder will be wearing… wait for it… wait for it. Dodger blue next season. Yes he will. He is friends with Kemp and with the new ownership coming in, the Dodgers will have the money and the space to bring in Fielder. Who doesn’t wanna move to LA after living in Milwaukee? coughRyanBrauncough. I have no idea why I said that. See I have no idea where this is going.

My fantasy football team is 5-3. I am stacked. Matt Schaub, Wes Welker, Mike Wallace, Fred Jackson, and Ray Rice. Here is a picture from a waldo book. Where is he? He is almost as hard to find as Frank McCourt at a Dodger game. 


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