News & Notes: Free Agency Edition

I just realized that I never stated my free agency predictions… However first lets start off with some news and notes…

The World Series ended just over a week ago and the Yankees have already contacted the agent of the best starting pitcher without a contract, C.J. Wilson. ESPN New York reported, “Saying he’s ‘just starting the process,’ New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman reached out to the agent for C.J. Wilson on Saturday.” ( Well I can’t say I’m not surprised. It was a classic Yankees move for them to already start talking to a free agent that is at the top of the market. Despite his poor offseason and not so amazing numbers, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wilson was the next $100MM dollar starter. Many big market teams such as the Cubs, the Red Sox, and the Yankees need a starter and C.J. Wilson is a perfect fit.

Now for some free agent predictions…

Albert Pujols: St. Louis Cardinals… There is no way the Cardinals can let him walk. He brought them to the playoffs multiple times over the last ten years and he has also helped lead them to two World Series titles. If he doesn’t sign with the Cardinals look no further than Theo Epstein to reel him in.

Prince Fielder: Los Angeles Dodgers… The Dodgers need him bad. Despite the ownership situation currently revolving around the boys in blue, the Dodgers should be able to lock him up. Frank McCourt doesn’t have to much money to spend however the fact that he is leaving makes it easier for Colleti to sign big contracts. Its not like all the prospective owners don’t think they have to make big signings to impress the fans.

C.J. Wilson: New York Yankees… They have a lot of money and need pitching bad. Wilson is an above average starter with not much competition in the market. He will be wearing pinstripes next season.

Jose Reyes: San Francisco Giants… The Giants need a speedy leadoff hitter as well as someone who can create offense easily. Not to mention they need a stable shortstop. With the money they have, he is the man they need to lock up this offseason or else they will be out of contention for the next couple years.

Edwin Jackson: Boston Red Sox… He is a quality young starter and the Red Sox at least one of those. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Red Sox locked him up and unloaded Lackey at the same time. A rotation consisting of Lester, Buckholz, Beckett, and Jackson would be pretty convincing.

Jimmy Rollins: Philadelphia Phillies… He is just one of those guys I can’t imagine playing for a different team. The Phillies need him not only for his position but also for his leadership and experience. If the Giants don’t lock up Reyes I wouldn’t be surprised if they go hard after Rollins.

Aramis Ramirez: Miami Marlins… The Marlins could use him and with their star Hanley Ramirez coming off a down year they need to bring in veteran leadership to help him get back on the right track.

Jonathan Papelbon: Boston Red Sox… They need a closer with Daniel Bard still developing his skills. He is the kind of guy they need and they need to lock him up. However he won’t be back in Boston if the Red Sox can get Heath Bell for less.

Roy Oswalt: Texas Rangers… With C.J. Wilson most likely packing his bags, the Rangers need another front line starter. Roy Oswalt is the guy they need. He is entering the last phase of his career and as a result he has a lot of experience. That being said, he can help the Rangers out not only with pitching but also with leadership.

Last but not least, Carlos Beltran!… Boston Red Sox: The Red Sox have a lot to prove next season and I wouldn’t be surprised if they sign a boat load of players this offseason. After their disaster last season they need someone with a lot of veteran leadership that can help the new manager, whoever he is, control the clubhouse.

That’s it for predicting some of this offseason’s top free agents. Where do you think these players will sign? Also, where do you think Albert Pujols will sign?


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