Best team uniform?

It’s a tough one to pick and with at least one team changing their look every offseason my favorite uniform changes almost as often as the Pirates manager. This post will be semi based off of another blog’s post about uniforms that I found via The blog is… Check it out sometime. Anyway let’s move on…

I can’t put my top five in order to I am just going to mention my top five favorite current uniform combinations.

Toronto Blue Jays. They recently changed their look again and I must say they finally got it right. The retro Blue Jay is one of my favorite logos of all time and I am glad the lone Canadian team brought it back to the big leagues. Not only is it cool, but it is also retro, and in the end, it brings fans back to the glory days when steroids weren’t even a thought and big afros were the thing to rock.

Baltimore Orioles. Just like the Blue Jays, they finally brought back the cartoon oriole that has been missing for way to long. I must say that the cartoon bird is probably my favorite logo of all time however the actual uniform combination probably isn’t my favorite. The cartoon bird is fun and lovable unlike the actual oriole that I was forced to wear when I was in little league. The cartoon bird is great and even better yet shows that the Orioles are changing and will soon be a force to be reckoned with.

St. Louis Cardinals. The fact that the uniform is plain and simple is both a good thing and a bad thing. One thing I really like about their uniform is that it has both a modern look to it and also a retro look to it. When some Cardinals choose wisely and rock the retro socks it makes the uniform look even cooler.

San Diego Padres. The Padres have many different uniform combinations however two of them stick out. One of those two is their alternative navy jerseys. These are neat because they are different than the typical jersey and they also show off the Padre’s cartoonish Padre on the sleeve pretty well. However the navy jersey doesn’t even compare to probably the coolest jersey in baseball, the Padres’ military jersey. Almost every Sunday home game the Padres rock camouflage jerseys in honor of those serving in the military. Those jerseys are freaking sick.

Arizona Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks make the top five simply because of two of their jerseys. While their regular white home jerseys and road grey jerseys are semi-cool, they don’t even compare to the DBacks’ alternative black and red jerseys. Combined with the intimidating look of their logo, the black and red alternative DBacks’ jerseys round out the top five.

While I won’t go into detail for the bottom five, here are my bottom five.

New York Yankees – Plain and boring. For a such a high profile team, I expect more of them.

Cincinnati Reds – No explanation needed. They don’t look good on anyone.

Los Angeles Dodgers – Logo is cool and retro(ish) but to plain.

Miami Marlins – Hideous. Orange, black, yellow, and a little bit of blue. Really?

Chicago White Sox – They look like the Yankees except different logo and black and white.

Anyway that’s it for now. Look back soon for either free agent updates or stadium reviews.


4 thoughts on “Best team uniform?

  1. As a Marlins fan, my opinion might be slightly biased, but I like the new uniforms. And the color scheme is not orange and turquoise. It’s orange and black with some yellow and blue accenting. It’s a bit too eccentric, but it’s also innovative and new, and has already drawn a lot of merchandise sales.

  2. I agree with most of your choices, but I think I’d switch the St Louis Cardinals for the Texas Rangers – love the blue and red jerseys! Definitely agree about the new Blue Jays though, they look really good! And quite disappointed with the new Marlins, think they got it a bit wrong!

    I may be biased, but I wouldn’t have put the White Sox in the bottom. I’m not a fan of their pinstripes, but I do like the alternate uniform of black jersey and white pants!

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