The Future of Baseball Has Been (somewhat) Decided

Baseball’s new collective bargaining agreement shows us that the future of baseball is looking bright. Along with that, this CBA shows us that baseball is ahead of its time and that whenever future problems arise in the NBA and the NFL, they should look to the MLB for guidance. Here is my opinion on some of the major pieces of this new CBA…

1. This agreement will last for five years and when the agreement’s contract ends, it will be the 21st straight year that there was peace in baseball. This is important to the future of the sport because it shows us that the MLB doesn’t want to enter another lockout like that of the strike in ’94. In the end, the MLB doesn’t want to have to possibly cancel a season or end up like the NBA and have barely half of a season.

2. Stephen Strasburg’s signing bonus was around $15.1MM. At that point in his MLB career, Stephen Strasburg had played zero games at any level in baseball. Stephen Strasburg was essentially payed $15.1MM for simply being, Stephen Strasburg. With baseball’s new CBA, this won’t happen again for a very long time, if ever. This helps baseball because there is no reason a player that doesn’t have any MLB experience should get a signing bonus larger than some MLB player’s salary.

3. Steroids are out and HGH is in, so we think. The new CBA is the first of its kind to include blood testing for human growth hormones that many believe improve someone’s athletic ability. What this new test demonstrates is that baseball is done dancing around this issue and is ready to attack it. Look no farther than the NBA and NFL to begin testing for HGH. However to do that, they would probably have to go through another lockout that their money hungry owners and players want to avoid.

4. Out of the whole CBA, I truly think that free agent closers benefit the most. Previously a closer that qualified as a type A free agent (Heath Bell, Jonathan Papelbon, etc.) would cost his new team a draft pick. Under the new CBA, which takes effect in regards to free agency immediately, if Heath Bell signs with any team other than the Padres, his new team would not have to forfeit a draft pick. However since Papelbon signed before the new CBA was agreed upon, the Red Sox gained a draft pick from Philly. In the end this will help closers get more money because teams won’t be reluctant to sign them anymore.

5. Expanded playoffs and interleague play. I don’t care what you say about interleague play because think of it this way: constant interleague play = less games between the Royals and  Indians. Who honestly wants to watch that game? NOBODY. The expanded playoffs are great. What this does for baseball is it guarantees two tie breaker games every year. I can’t remember off the top of my head what website I saw it on, but I voted in a poll somewhere that asked what was the most exciting game this year (the poll took place just before the 2009 World Series). I voted for the tie breaking game that year between the Twins and the Tigers. For some reason, those games are so much more exciting because it is truly win or go home. The losing team doesn’t get a second chance to keep playing which I think is much better than any other possible game in baseball, other than a World Series game 7. In the end these expanded playoffs will help because it puts more of an emphasis on winning your division which will ultimately make each regular season game much more important.

Good job Allan Huber “Bud” Selig. Good job.


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