Oy vey that’s a lot of rumors…

Albert Pujols is probably going to sign with the Marlins. I mean the Cardinals. I mean the Cubs. I mean a mystery team. Now I mean the Angels because they’re that mystery team. Wait, will it happen tonight? Nope. The Angels are serious about signing Pujols. Wait. What?

Throughout the entire day I have been reloading my mlbtraderumors.com iPhone app in hopes of seeing the headline”ALBERT PUJOLS HAS SIGNED WITH THE __________.” But guess what? I still haven’t seen that. Earlier in the day it seemed like the Marlins had him all but locked up. Then they hit a speed bump in the form of a no trade clause. Then the Cardinals apparently also submitted a 10 year $200MM dollar plus deal. After that happened I thought the Cardinals had landed the big guy. And then out of no where, the Cubs took over the rumor mill. Could the Cubs actually being pursuing Pujols or could they simply be attempting to drive up the price for the Marlins or Cardinals? Wait now a mystery team? Is that mystery team the Angels? WHAT IS GOING ON!!?!??!?!?!?

Apparently Pujols has three 10 year $200MM dollar plus deals on the table with an additional deal from the Cubs rumored to be for less money and years on the table. (I just refreshed my iPhone app. Nothing yet.) If they are all around the same amount of money, within 10 million of each other, why hasn’t Pujols just pulled a Joe Mauer already and agreed t0 a deal with the Cardinals? It’s not like he didn’t win three MVP awards and two world series championships with them…

Still nothing…

Prince Fielder… The Mariners love him, the Brewers, Blue Jays, and Orioles need him, the Cubs want him, and the Dodgers can’t afford him. With an agent like Scott Boras practically controlling the negotiations, I think that Fielder is simply waiting for the most money to pop up. One thing is for sure, if I were Fielder, I would wait for Pujols to sign because that would add two or possibly three losing teams to the race for Fielder.

Nevertheless, Prince Fielder is a big guy and if he waits maybe even until March and the Dodgers are sold, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fielder signs with the Dodgers. For that to happen however, well, a lot would have to happen.

Still nothing…

The Mets bolstered their bullpen. Jon Rauch, Frank Francisco, and Ramon Ramirez. That’s a good bullpen. However who knows if their bullpen will even have an effect next year. I think I can name two starting pitchers on their team, Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey. Who are the other three that they expect to keep the game close for them?

The Dodgers locked up Aaron Harang and Chris Capuano to two year deals. They now have a solid five man rotation for the next two years. This is just odd. I forget where I saw it but whoever wrote about these two signings mentioned the incredible free agent starting pitcher class next year. Wouldn’t it have made more sense for Colletti to sign one year deals because then his new owner could sign two more aces next year?

The Pirates signed two players named Nate McLouth and Wilson Betemit (kind of). Whatever, it’s the Pirates, I will talk more about them when finish a winning season.

Now that is a lot of stuff. When Pujols signs I can assure you that I will be one of the first million people to blog about it.

Still nothing…


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