Joe Mauer is Probably Shaking His Head Right Now…

Last year, Joe Mauer agreed to an 8 year $184MM dollar deal with his hometown Minnesota Twins. The Twins drafted him, raised him, and essentially made him the player he is today. Despite his sub par season in 2011, Mauer could have easily gotten more money on the free agent market from the Yankees or Red Sox… or maybe even the Angels or Marlins. When Joe Mauer dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s on his new contract I had hoped that a year later Albert Pujols would be doing the same thing… with the Cardinals.

If you are reading this post and haven’t heard about Pujols’ new monster contract with the Angels, well then here is the info. Pujols signed a $254MM dollar deal for 10 years with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim which in Spanish means the city of angels of angels of anaheim… He reportedly took around $40MM more to abandon the Cardinals, who, looking back, is the team that drafted him, raised in him, and made him the player he is today.

Albert Pujols played high school baseball in Missouri, went to college in Missouri, and was drafted by a team in Missouri. In a sense, Albert Pujols was drafted just like Joe Mauer, by his home town team. And how did he repay his loyal fans that he awarded with three MVP trophies and two World Series trophies, the most recent one being six weeks ago? With a slap to the face.

Albert Pujols, I have a feeling that when Joe Mauer found out that you signed with the Angels, he shook his head. Mauer was probably disappointed that you couldn’t be a model for how American’s should truly act. Pujols demonstrated to little kids that look up to him and dream of one day meeting him, that being greedy, and chasing money instead of doing the right thing, is okay. Well you know what, it’s not.

Albert Pujols I admire you as a player however right now, I have a hard time admiring you as a moral human being. What I mean by this is that Albert Pujols should’ve stayed with the first team that gave him a chance.

On a side note, before I go into why the Angels might have just made a horrible decision, I have a quick interesting piece of information. Before the Cardinals drafted Pujols, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays had a scout who had scouted Pujols throughout high school. This scout tried to persuade the Rays’ front office to draft Pujols as early as the fourth round of the draft. However instead of drafting Pujols, the Rays front office rewarded their longtime scout with a ticket out the door.

Now onto why the Angels might have just made a terrible decision. If the Angels don’t win the World Series during Pujols’ 10 year deal, they will have made the biggest bust of all time. However let me change that around a little bit because that’s common sense. If the Angels don’t win the World Series within the next five years, which are probably going to be the last five years that Pujols’ will put up MVP caliber numbers, this deal will be the biggest bust in baseball.

Albert Pujols will be 41 when his contract is up. Pujols is already declining, and will not be that easy for him to play as well as he did a couple years ago. Arte Moreno better hope that the Angels can win the World Series in the next five years because despite the fact that the Angels have Pujols and a good rotation, there are a couple of other teams that aren’t that much worse than the Angels. In the end, I would go as far to say that next year’s Angels are not going to be as good as last year’s Cardinals.


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