The 2011 National League MVP is _______ _______

The 2011 National League MVP should be awarded to nobody. That is right. Ryan Braun should be stripped of his award. There shouldn’t be a re-vote and it shouldn’t just go to Matt Kemp even though he deserved it. Plain and simple: the 2011 National League MVP should be nobody.

A report recently stated that the 2011 NL MVP, Ryan Braun, tested positive TWICE for PEDs. What the PEDs were is not certain. However, Braun’s testosterone levels were three times higher than any other player that has tested positive in baseball history! Not only that, but Ryan Braun tested positive during the playoffs, and knew about the results BEFORE the award was announced.

I don’t care what ESPN’s Jayson Stark says about the MVP voters only voting on the information they had at the time. I am not asking that they vote again. Instead, I am asking the Baseball Writers Association of America to send a message: If you are caught within A MONTH of being awarded something, your award is revoked, unless it deals with the Hall of Fame.

Again, I can’t remember where I read this, I am pretty sure it was in the LA Times, but whoever it was made a good point: If the BBWAA learned that someone they voted into the Hall of Fame took steroids, they would revoke that honor. Keep in mind that the MVP, ROY, Cy Young, Manager of the Year, and Hall of Fame winners are not voted upon by Major League Baseball. For this reason, wouldn’t it be smart for the BBWAA to take away Braun’s award?

I understand that they can’t take away Barry Bonds’ multiple awards, however, the BBWAA didn’t know Barry Bonds took steroids until AFTER they handed him the award. Ryan Braun hasn’t even seen his award yet! The BBWAA can do something very simple and simply revoke the award. In doing so, they don’t have to go through the scrutiny that they are currently going through.

On another note related to this whole issue, Ryan Braun, stop saying this is B.S., hold a press conference, and tell the truth. Make it an ESPN special like LeBron James did when he said “I’ma take my talents to south beach.” When Alex Rodriguez’s test was made public, Ryan Braun advised A-Rod to simply hold a press conference and address the issues. So Ryan Braun, follow your own suggestion, and do the same thing!

Nobody has ever came out victorious in their quest to successfully appeal a PED allegation. Will Ryan Braun be the first? No, because he is the perfect person to make an example of. He is young, good, and vulnerable.


Do the right thing. It isn’t that hard. Do you really want to be a tainted organization as well?


Schilling’s Bloody Sock

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