Scott Boras: The Reason why Prince Fielder is still unemployed

You read it right. Scott Boras is the reason why many of his clients, including Prince Fielder, often go unsigned until after Christmas. This isn’t a good thing exactly. The closer we get to Spring Training, the more willing Prince Fielder might be to take less money, no matter how many chapters Scott Boras put in his book on Fielder.(

If Prince Fielder wants to maximize how much he gets in his next deal, he better sign fast. As we enter January, teams are less likely to spend big money because players and managers will already start thinking about next season. The first week of February comes around and some players begin to report to their spring training facilities. This whole situation gives Mr. Fielder around 5 weeks to sign a deal and due to the low volume of Fielder rumors I am finding on my go to offseason site,, I don’t think Fielder is close to any sort of deal that Boras would advise him to approve.

A couple years ago Manny Ramirez waited until MARCH to sign a deal. Despite the fact that the Dodgers over payed and sign Man Ram to a 2 year $45MM dollar deal, I still think Manny could’ve gotten more if he signed earlier in the offseason. Imagine if Fielder lined up a deal immediately following the winter meetings. He could’ve easily commanded an 8 year 200 million dollar deal. But because he didn’t and has waited a while, I don’t think Fielder will be entering Spring Training as happy as he could’ve been. Also, because Fielder waited until after Pujols signed, a few teams have as a result dropped out of the race, most notably the Marlins, Angels, and Cardinals. As a result, the teams that are “in pursuit” of Fielder are simply the Cubs (yes according to everyone outside of the Cubs organization), Brewers (no money), Rangers (Yu Darvish), Mariners (they stink and play in a pitcher’s park), Orioles (they stink and play in the same division as the Blue Jays, Rays, Red Sox, and Yankees), and the Dodgers (no money).

After looking again at that list, no team stands out. Every team except the Cubs can’t afford him/stink. As a result Fielder could end up having his field of perspective teams narrowed down to one team because he and Boras have waited so long. Sorry Boras, nobody is going to believe you again when you say that another mystery team is involved in the negotiations. In case you didn’t know there is still no evidence of a third mystery team that offered Pujols 10 years at $200MM+.

Prince Fielder should take some advice from the Manny being Manny show, sign quickly, dump Boras, and follow your gut. Because if you don’t, you might be stuck playing in Baltimore or Seattle and have no chance of winning a World Series during your career.


Dear Scott Boras,

You are annoying.


Schilling’s Bloody Sock


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