News & Notes: Baseball edition?!?

So there isn’t much to report on the baseball front so this post will be rather short…

The Texas Rangers won the bidding on Yu Darvish. I will be very surprised if they lock him up for a few reasons. 1. A Japanese player usually wants to play where there is a large Japanese population. I remember when that happened a couple years ago with a basketball player from Japan that was signed by Milwaukee. As a result, I will be surprised if the Japanese ace ends up in Texas. 2. He is young. He can pitch another good season in Japan and have his stock skyrocket. 3. Money. Do the Rangers really have the money to sign him? Well, we will just have to wait and see!

The Nationals traded for Gio Gonzalez. That team is young, good, and poised to take over the NL East in the next couple years, especially if Ryan Howard’s injury ruins his career. Keeping with the Gio Gonzalez theme, the Athletics might finally be able to move! In case you didn’t know, the Athletics are having a tough time moving out of Oakland because when they moved to Oakland, they along with the Giants split up Northern California. Well, the A’s now want to move to San Jose which is not surprisingly controlled by the Giants!

Meanwhile, did you, my one reader, get anything good for the holidays? I got tickets to Spring Training. If you are a baseball fan and haven’t been yet, GO. It is the most amazing place to be for any baseball fan… second to Cooperstown of course.



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