And we have Joe Torre!

After taking the last week off as I ventured around the country I am back. Today’s post will be about the recent reports that Joe Torre has quit his job with the MLB to pursue the ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

When McCourt announced he was going to sell the team, Mark Cuban was the front runner. A couple days later when Peter O’Malley said he was also pursuing an ownership stake in the team, he became the front runner. A month or so later Magic Johnson tossed his hat into the ring and knocked O’Malley off his pedestal. Now we have come to January 4th, 2012, Joe Torre has resigned because he wants to pursue an ownership stake with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Guess who’s the front runner now?


So what does this mean? Why is he the presumed front runner? Well here are 5 reasons:

1. Joe Torre is a baseball icon. Joe Torre is as close to a baseball God as you can be.

2. Joe Torre lead the Dodgers to two NLCS appearances in his first two years as manager. He has history with the team. C’mon… who doesn’t love rooting for Joe!

3. He has partnered with Rick Caruso. In case you don’t know who Caruso is, here is a brief synopsis: he has money, he has built two successful malls in Los Angeles, he is an icon in LA, and he has teamed up with Joe Torre. That good enough?

4. Joe Torre is obviously respected by McCourt and Selig which will help him when McCourt has to decide between taking more money or making the better choice for the Dodgers future.

5. I think he is the front runner.

Plain and simple Joe Torre is the front runner right now because he is a baseball icon, is leading an astounding group, and everybody loves him!

Well that is it for now. I feel as if I can grind out more posts if I keep them short. Deuces.


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