The Prince of Motown

Well, it’s been so long that I forgot my password. After a three week hiatus, I’m back. This first post in three weeks, and the second of the new year will be about the new prince of motown, Prince Fielder and the new King of Texas, Yu Darvish.

9 years, $214MM dollars. That could be nine years from now referred to as the worst contract in the history of the sport. Prince Fielder is good. But not THAT good. Good enough to get the fourth largest contract in baseball history? No way jose. My immediate reaction to this deal was that the Tigers obviously value their immediate future more than anything else. The difference between them and the how the Angels dealt with Pujols is that Pujols has consistently put up amazing numbers since he was a rookie while Fielder hasn’t exactly done the same. 

Prince Fielder is one of the first basemen of his generation and combined with Miguel Cabrera, they will make the best 3-4 power combination in the MLB next season. However, five years down the road, when Cabrera is older and Fielder is towards the end of his prime, will Fielder’s contract make sense? Pujols is an icon, and with him, the Angels get a sure hall of famer. Fielder hasn’t proven he is Cooperstown worthy yet. The only other player to get a $200MM+ deal is Alex Rodriguez and at the time of his first and second $200MM+ deals, he was a hall of famer in the making. Since both deals came before his steroid allegations, it made sense. However, Fielder? Really? That much money?

Even if the Tigers were my favorite team I still wouldn’t agree with this deal. $214MM dollars! That’s absurd! Maybe if Fielder had won an MVP award and had consistent numbers every year he has played professionally this contract would have made sense, however, he hasn’t. Therefore, Fielder doesn’t deserve that money. Scott Boras is easily the best agent out there and if I was a GM, I would be careful to not put my money where his mouth is.

Since I have been somewhat MIA the past three weeks, I feel the need to talk about the other big signing of the past three weeks, Yu Darvish.

WHAT WERE THE RANGERS THINKING!? I know he was good in Japan, but so was Kosuke Fukudome and Kei Igawa. Yu Darvish is good, but not worth the $100MM or so dollars the Rangers shelled out to keep him in Texas for 6 years. Yu Darvish is young, so who knows if he will continue to be great. Dontrelle Willis was good in the beginning and he has since busted. Whose to say the same won’t happen to Darvish?

Yes I know that Fielder and Darvish might prove me wrong as their contracts come to a close. Nevertheless, that doesn’t prevent me from stating my opinion now. Detroit and Texas, you just threw a lot of money up in the air, let’s just hope you can catch it all before it hits the ground.


What's your opinion?

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