Hey! Have $1.7 billion dollars you wanna spare me?

Prospective Dodgers Ownership Groups - Mark Cuban, Steve Garvey, and Larry King's groups have already been eliminated

Whoever you are that is reading this, I hope your answer to the above question is in fact, YES! And in case you aren’t quite sure what I might be referring to as you sit their wondering why on Earth I am asking everyone with access to the internet if they have $1.7 billion dollars laying around, it’s because I want to start my own Dodgers ownership group.

The funny thing is I’m not kidding. Okay maybe I am, but whatever, I bet my title got you to read this article. So now that I hopefully still have your attention, here is another heavily opinionated post about the Dodgers’ ownership saga.

One point seven billion. That is approximately what the Los Angeles Dodgers will sell for in the next two months. One point seven billion. You could build another gianormous football stadium for the Dallas Cowboys. You could donate to a ton of charities. You could fund Vermin Supreme’s Presidential campaign. In short, you could do a lot.

Whatever the case is, the eight or so groups in pursuit of the title as owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers will have a lot of weight on their shoulders should they come out on top. When Frank McCourt purchased the Dodgers in 2004, he was looked at as the knight in shining armor that saved the Dodgers from Fox. As the LA Times has said many times before, baseball fans should be very careful before they celebrate the sale of the Dodgers. Why is that? Just because McCourt is leaving Dodgertown doesn’t mean the new owner will be better.

Peter O’Malley is a great guy. However, after his comments yesterday about only working with the Dodgers as their “CEO” for one year, baseball fans should begin thinking twice about his ownership group. As of now, it has been reported that O’Malley’s group includes Asian investors. That is a risky movie considering how the only other MLB team that is largely owned by Asian investors is the Seattle Mariners, and well let’s just be honest, they stink.

Stan Kroenke has a lot of money and is the owner of the St. Louis Rams which could mean the return of the Rams to LA. However, he also owns a few other sports teams which means that unlike the other groups, Kroenke won’t have as much money to work with. So in the end, money in Stan’s case is misleading.

While Kroenke and O’Malley only make up around a quarter of the groups left, they are still a big risk to the future of the Dodgers. Let’s just hope that Magic Johnson puts on one hell of a magic show and ends up on top.


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