The Cereal Bowl!

Yes I am referring to the championship game in backyard football. And yes I am also referring to Super Bowl XLVI which was won just two days ago by the New York Giants. Now why am I referring to the Super Bowl as the Cereal Bowl? Because watching a backyard football game would have been just as exciting.

I watched the game with a couple patriots fans which made the ending not so great. However, what they did agree with me about was that this Super Bowl was possibly one of the worst they had ever seen. We were all waiting for that David Tyree type catch. Or that James Harrison 100 yard interception for six. But we never got it. Yes Mario Manningham’s catch was nice, but was it really a play to remember?

The game started off with a safety. That wasn’t exciting even for Giants fans! Why? Because they didn’t do much to earn it. Then the Giants scored a touchdown. Furthermore, it wasn’t that exciting of a score because it was an easy touchdown caught by Victor Cruz. Now if it was a long pass or a long run, we wouldn’t be talking.

The rest of the game was just as boring! No long exciting plays. Just good teamwork and good ball movement. This is the Super Bowl! One of the most watched sporting events in America!

Now I must admit Eli Manning played one heck of a game so congrats to him. However, was it worth a fraction of the MVP trophy? Was ANYONE on the Giants worthy? My answer is no. Nobody had a great game. Only average games. Eli Manning threw for one touchdown and 296 yards. His completion percentage was 75%. That isn’t that good of a stat line. Not to mention his only TD was in the first quarter!

Once again, the cereal bowl.

This game was just eh and not even worth the amount of food I ate. Now what does this mean for baseball? Well…

Roger Goodell hasn’t been doing a great job of keeping his sport the most popular one in the country. The Pro Bowl is a mess and is on the brink of being eliminated. The NFL barely had a season which could threaten the future of the sport. And finally, the Super Bowl was possibly one of the worst the country has ever seen.

Meanwhile, Bud Selig just approved another labor deal which will set a record for continuous labor peace in baseball.The All-Star game this past year was just as exciting as in past years. And the 2011 World Series could have possibly been one of the top five World Series the sport has ever seen.

Many sports fanatics have been saying that baseball is dying and football is thriving. Well after their perspective 2011 seasons, I would argue the opposite. Baseball is a boomin! The sport caught the attention of the country despite having a world series in which two teams from not so big media markets and not so great divisions squared off. Not only did that catch the country’s attention, but the recent winter meetings did as well. Albert Pujols, CJ Wilson, and the Angels; enough said.

In the end, the cereal bowl put me to sleep. But want to know what woke me up? Spring Training starting in 12 days.


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