Baseball is back… So I guess I am too!

There technically is no offseason in baseball due to the fact that baseball arguably has the busiest free agency season. Since the only big news stories involved Pujols, Darvish, Fielder, and a few others, there wasn’t much to talk about the last few months. However, now that all pitchers and catchers have enjoyed their first workouts, there is much to talk about. So, let the 2012 baseball season begin!

Let’s start off with the man who cheated the system, Ryan Braun. I forgot where I read it (that seems to happen a lot…) but I read a very interesting article about why Ryan Braun successfully appealed. It talked about how Braun’s main argument was that it took his steroid test 44 hours to reach the testing facility in Montreal. The MLB policy is strict and outlines that no test should take that long to get to the testing facility unless there are weather issues or some other unforeseen event.

Despite this, Braun’s test still took much longer than it should have. As a result, Braun argued that someone may have tampered with his test and that’s why it took so long. The MLB responded to this by describing how the test is secured several times with copious amounts of duck tape and other forms of packaging security. Whatever the case is, Braun should’ve been suspended. Why? Because the way the package was described and the fact that the MLB runs the strictest and best drug testing program in the sports world means to me that there is no way Braun’s test could have been tampered with.

Now onto the Dodger’s sale. Joe Torre dropped out, and so did Peter O’Malley. That means to me that the only ownership group left that would help the team out the most is the group lead by Magic Johnson. Torre’s group reportedly dropped out because McCourt was unwilling to sell the parking lots. However, all of McCourt’s offers except for one include McCourt selling those lots. So, what does this mean? If that one bid that lets McCourt keep the lots makes it to the next round where the MLB can deny bids, the MLB better deny that bid because that would be the one McCourt would most likely pick.

Now why is that? Because McCourt has said that until 2015, he will charge the Dodger’s owner $14MM annually for rent. And then in 2015, and every 5 years after, the price of rent will increase. That means, if the owner doesn’t pay the bills, nobody can park at Dodger Stadium. Another classic instance of McCourt being a jerk. LEAVE THE BASEBALL WORLD ALONE ALREADY.

Dodgers Sale. Ryan Braun. Free Agency. That has basically been this past offseason. Well that offseason was boring.

Coming up on my blog… yeah I plan my blog posts, deal with it, this is my blog, not yours:

1. Why a baseball fan has to go to spring training at least once in their lifetime.

2. Predictions for the upcoming season.

3. Why fantasy baseball is the best fantasy sport you can play.

And who said Amish people can’t like baseball?


4 thoughts on “Baseball is back… So I guess I am too!

  1. I’m not one to believe in conspiracy theories but I do find it interesting the Ryan Braun*(notice the asterisk) is the first major leaguer to win an appeal of MLB’s drug testing policy – and he plays for a team formerly owned by the current baseball commission Bud Selig.

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