If you haven’t heard by now, the NFL is currently investigating a scandal involving the New Orleans Saints defense and whether or not their old defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who currently serves as the defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams, placed bounties on certain players during past NFL seasons to encourage his to play harder and knock key players out of game.

When I first learned of this saga, I immediately wondered if something like this has/could happen in the MLB. After researching a little bit, I couldn’t find anything of the sort happening over the MLB’s lifetime which is a good sign. Still, I wonder if something like this is possible in baseball.

Hitters are intentionally hit by pitchers as a “rebuttal” when one of their hitters is hit on accident or sometimes intentionally. Pitchers sometimes intentionally throw at hitters after they say something or do something against them in the past.

Back in 2009, Prince Fielder hit a walk off homerun against the Giants, and then to celebrate, jumped on home plate as his team mates fell to the ground around him. During the following season, in his first at-bat against the Giants, one of the Giants starters hit Prince Fielder possibly on purpose for his theatrics that ended a game during the following season.

You could say this is similar to bountygate, but then again, it isn’t at all. The Saints placed price tags above certain players heads that steadily grew as the game went on. I have heard reports of a $10,000 bounty being placed above Brett Favre’s head during a game between the Saints and Vikings that must’ve been of great importance.

Imagine if someone placed that big of a price tag on top of Albert Pujols’ head during the playoffs last season? Can you imagine what the MLB would have done?

To me, the reason why something like this hasn’t really happened in the MLB is because the MLB would be much stricter when they punished their players. Something about the NFL not being as strict makes me think that they won’t be throwing down the hammer any time soon.

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