Fantasy Baseball… the best fantasy sport out there

The season is to long… I don’t want to update my lineup EVERYDAY…

I hear these same excuses every year when I try to renew my fantasy baseball leagues. However, every time I play fantasy football, those same people complain that fantasy football it isn’t long enough and that there needs to be more games throughout the week or at least more ways to earn points. So, wouldn’t the resolution to all of that be fantasy baseball? You can edit your lineup every day, every two days, every five days, once a week, your choice. Basically, fantasy baseball can be the same as fantasy football if you are okay with loosing a lot.

Fantasy baseball has more players and positions. In fantasy football, the average team will start about 12 players which means you only have to watch up to 12 or so games. In fantasy baseball, the average team will start 20 or so players. As a result, that means you have to watch more games to follow your team, and in the end, you are forced to learn more about the sport while also being forced to know more about the league in general.

In fantasy baseball, you have time to come back when you’re down, and you have more pressure when you are up, thus making it more exciting. In fantasy football, if you are losing by mid-afternoon on Sunday, you have time to come back and win. However, the difference is that because your lineup is set, you don’t run the risk of putting the wrong person in. In baseball, you could be faced with a tough decision at who to play on Sunday at first base because the matchup might be separated by .025 average points, or 1 strike out. As a result, their is more pressure on you when you pick your lineup because you know you are either winning or losing compared to football where the majority of the season, the score is 0-0 come Sunday when you finalize your lineup. Oh and, don’t get me started on fantasy basketball, that is just plain boring.

These are just a few reason why fantasy baseball is much more fun, entertaining, and exciting than fantasy football. What do you think? Which one do you like more?


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