__________ Is The New Owner Of The Dodgers

In the next week or so, newspapers all over the country will be able to fill in the blank that currently exists in the title of this blog post. Today, the MLB approved the three finalists to buy the Dodgers and possibly as soon as tomorrow evening, the auction will be over, and so will McCourt’s reign over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Dodgers, MLB’s crown jewel of the West Coast, will soon have a new owner. What does that mean for baseball? A new dynasty is about to be formed in LA. Whether that dynasty means that the Dodgers will soon be signing Cole Hamels and Josh Hamilton, or some other combination of superstars, baseball fans should know that the Dodgers will soon be referred to as a consistent threat in October.

Here is a summary of the three remaining bidders and who I think is best fit to fill the role that McCourt tarnished…

Steve Cohen and Patrick Soon-Shiong: Forbes estimates that their net worth is in the range of $15.5 billion. What is good about this group? There have been reports that they would bring in Tony La Rusa to be the head baseball guy, they have tons of money, and they have someone who lives in LA. What scares me? Soon-Shiong owns a small portion of the Lakers and reportedly wants to be the next owner which could mean that he won’t be completely focused on the Dodgers. Steve Cohen’s hedge fun hasn’t exactly been a friend of the United States legal system recently…

Magic Johnson and Steve Kasten: Their group is largely funded by Guggenheim Partners which reportedly has somewhere in the range of $125 billion in assets. What is good about this group? Magic Johnson is an LA icon that lives and breathes LA Sports. Stan Kasten led the Braves in the 1990’s and is a close friend of Bud Selig. Oh I forgot, Magic Johnson is one of the most important and prominent people in LA… Shiong, Cohen, and Kroenke? Yeah, nobody in LA knew who they were a year ago. What scares me? Their financial backing isn’t as strong as the other groups. That’s about it and that isn’t even that bad seeing as the only bad thing about it is that it is coming from investment firms.

Stan Kroenke: Net Worth of $3.2 billion. What is good about him? He owns the Rams which could mean the return of the NFL to LA despite the NFL’s rules against cross-sport ownership. What scares me? He owns a majority share in Arsenal, the British soccer powerhouse, the St. Louis Rams, and four other professional sports teams. This means that those $3.2 billion dollars would have to be spread out over six different sports teams. The Rams were the second to worst team in the NFL last year… why didn’t they sign the best free agents? Was money an issue? Also, nobody from LA in this group.

After reading countless articles about these three groups, I would have to say that Cohen and Kroenke’s group doesn’t come anywhere close to that of Magic Johnson’s. Johnson’s includes one of the most popular and well liked men not only in LA, but also in the sports world in Johnson, and it also includes one of the most successful and respected men in baseball, Stan Kasten. Magic Johnson’s group isn’t as financially strong as Cohen’s which could be a reason why McCourt ends up choosing Cohen. However, McCourt should take five minutes to read this amazing article by Ross Newhan who is in the Baseball Hall of Fame for his work as a baseball writer (http://bit.ly/Hd3Tq3). Could McCourt really not choose Magic? I don’t see why he would. Regardless, let’s just hope that McCourt doesn’t pick whoever plans on writing the largest check…

Check back tomorrow for the top ten things to watch this upcoming season.


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