Predicting the Madness

March Madness wasn’t to bad for me because my champion, Kentucky, still has a shot at winning it all. However, predicting what will happen over the next six months, I think, will be much harder. Well, here I go.

Divisions –


NL West:

1. Arizona Diamondbacks, 2. Los Angeles Dodgers, 3. San Francisco Giants, 4. Colorado Rockies, 5. San Diego Padres: I wouldn’t be surprised if the top four teams in this division all finish within ten games of each other. Each team has their strengths, and each team has their weakness. However, in the end I think the DBacks will prevail and the Dodgers won’t be far behind now that they have new ownership.

NL Central:

1. St. Louis Cardinals, 2. Milwaukee Brewers, 3. Cincinnati Reds, 4. Chicago Cubs, 5. Pittsburgh Pirates, 6. Houston Astros. The Cardinals will win this division in the last week and possibly even on the last day of the season as the difference between them and third place will be by a measly five or so games.

NL East:

1. Philadelphia Phillies, 2. Washington Nationals, 3. Atlanta Braves, 4. Miami Marlins, 5. New York Mets. Just like in the other divisions, I don’t think the Phillies will run away with this one. I wouldn’t be surprised if the difference between the Phillies and the Marlins was somewhere around eight games.


AL West:

1. Texas Rangers, 2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, 3. Oakland Athletics, 4. Seattle Mariners. The Angels did get better, however, who is a legitimate established threat in their lineup besides Pujols? The Rangers have the experience to win the division once again.

AL Central:

1. Detroit Tigers, 2. Chicago White Sox, 3. Minnesota Twins, 4. Kansas City Royals, 5. Cleveland Indians. The Tigers could end up winning this division by ten or so games due to their roster depth. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the White Sox, Twins, and Royals all finished within 5 games of each other.

AL East:

1. New York Yankees, 2. Boston Red Sox, 3. Tampa Bay Rays, 4. Toronto Blue Jays, 5. Baltimore Orioles. The Yankees will win this game by only a few games and Toronto will just barely miss out on the last wild card spot after trailing the Rays at the end of the season by three or so games.


Wildcards – NL: Dodgers vs. Nationals. A year ago nobody would believe this matchup. However, after the Dodgers make a blockbuster deal at the deadline by unloading their minor league pitching depth, and because of the Nationals deep pitching staff, nobody is surprised this matchup exists. In the end, the hope and the bright future in D.C. leads the Nationals to victory. AL: Rays vs. Red Sox. The Red Sox seek to avenge what happened in 2011 and as a result, they easily defeat the Rays and move on.

LDS: NL: Nationals vs. Phillies, Diamondbacks vs. Cardinals. The Phillies experience helps them defeat the Nationals and the Cardinals experience does the same for them. AL: Red Sox vs. Yankees, Tigers vs. Rangers. The Red Sox prevail after taking the first game at home which gives them momentum. The Tigers fall to the Rangers after Yu Darvish shuts the Tigers down in a critical game one in Detroit.

LCS: NL: Phillies v. Cardinals. The Cardinals somehow come back after Pujols breaks the hearts of thousands of Cardinals fans and make it again to the World Series. AL: Red Sox vs. Rangers. The Red Sox are led by the wise words of Bobby Valentine and the amazing pitching of Lester and Bucholz. A repeat of the 2004 World Series is long overdue…

WORLD SERIES: Red Sox vs. Cardinals. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one came down to the wire. However, with the help of the resurgence of Carl Crawford and the knowledge of the Red Sox veteran David Ortiz, the Red Sox claim their third World Series title in nine years.


Rookie of the Year – I will be honest, I have no clue.

Manager – NL: Don Mattingly. This vote is close as writers are torn between Donnie Baseball and Davey Johnson of the Nationals. However, because of Mattingly’s ability to lead the Dodgers from the depths of the McCourt divorce to the playoffs, Mattingly comes out on top. AL: After leading the Red Sox from their beer and fried chicken days to the playoffs, Bobby Valentine is awarded with the AL Manager of the Year in his first year back in the big leagues.

CY Young – AL: Jered Weaver. The younger Weaver finally proves to everyone why he should be called one of the top five pitchers in the big leauges. NL: Cliff Lee continues his dominance in the NL and barely edges out teammate Cole Hamels and foe Clayton Kershaw in one of the closest Cy Young votes of all time.

MVP – NL: Matt Kemp. Kemp proves that he is worth his large contract and proves to everyone why he is the best all around player in baseball. AL: Robinson Cano. This was long overdue. Cano is a shining star in a very weak position and shows baseball why he is fit to become the next captain in pinstripes.

Well those are my predictions for this year. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below.


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