It was a bad relationship from the start…

When your manager says that he “loves” or appreciates a dictator of any kind, simply suspending him for five games isn’t serving justice. Ozzie Guillen was a bad decision from the start. Yes he can be funny sometimes, and he can relate to the Latin community that encompasses the Little Havana neighborhood that the new Miami Marlins ballpark sits in. However, Ozzie Guillen has a rough past filled with controversial managerial decisions, and life decisions.

I know he said he is sorry and all that stuff but remember what happened to the Red’s owner Marge Schott after he made similar comments about the former German leader Adolf Hitler in 1996? He was banned from making any baseball decisions for two years.

Now I know that the former Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, didn’t cause as much harm as the former German dictator did during his reign; however, does it really matter? He destroyed, hurt, and damaged the lives of thousands and thousands of Cuban citizens and Latin American citizens all over the globe. So does a 5 game suspension really suffice? Does a 5 game suspension for a manager who manages a team that plays its home games in one of the most Cuban-American populated portions of the country really make sense?

Ozzie Guillen has never been the smoothest talker. Yes he has been successful on the baseball diamond in the past; however, what do you think people will remember more, the controversy he caused over the past week, or his lone championship in Chicago? To me, who cares about that World Series. Guillen doesn’t deserve to be called a major league manager. I know he says he is sorry, but what would people think if Castro said he was sorry? Would they really care? Would banning Castro from Cuba for five days make up for it?

The Marlins goal when they renamed themselves and built their gorgeous and sometimes over the top ballpark in Little Havana was to increase their presence in Miami and hopefully gain more fans. However, when your manager makes a comment that has a personal hurtful impact on the people living across the street from the stadium, how are you supposed to accomplish your goals?

When it was announced at the end of last year that Guillen would be named the first manager for the Miami Marlins, I shook my head in disappointment. Guillen had just left the White Sox after eight seasons that involved a questionable relationship between Guillen and the White Sox GM, Kenny Williams. The Marlins are trying to gain back the fans that they have lost over the last couple years. The Marlins are trying to earn the respect of not only American baseball fans that live in Miami, but more importantly, the Latin American baseball fans that not only live in downtown Miami, but mainly in the Little Havana district that the new Marlins Park resides in.

5 games? Are you kidding me? Ozzie Guillen, do the right thing, and step down from your job and stop basking in the glory of cheating the system.


2 thoughts on “It was a bad relationship from the start…

  1. I don’t know. I’m from Miami and have no real opinion on this. I think the actual city of Miami is going to be a dangerous place for Guillen, however…

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