Posted in May 2012

The young and the restless

Mike Trout and Bryce Harper. They are so young, and yet the way they play it seems like they are veterans. Whether it is Harper hustling or Trout’s ability to make it to the majors so quickly on a team that many people picked to win it all this year. These two young stars have … Continue reading


Yes, the Nationals are this good

The Nationals are tied with the Dodgers for the best record in the National League at 18-9. Yes, the Nationals are that good. Yes, the Nationals are good enough to be leading the NL east. Yes, the Nationals should be among the top in baseball all season. Their starting pitching is amazing. Detwiler and Gonzalez … Continue reading


Albert Pujols: The biggest financial mistake in the history of baseball

After a homerless April, Albert Pujols has proved to all of baseball that his 10 year $240 million dollar deal is as of right now, the biggest financial mistake in the history of the sport. Now I know that there are still five months to go until the end of this season. However, Albert Pujols … Continue reading