Albert Pujols: The biggest financial mistake in the history of baseball

After a homerless April, Albert Pujols has proved to all of baseball that his 10 year $240 million dollar deal is as of right now, the biggest financial mistake in the history of the sport.

Now I know that there are still five months to go until the end of this season. However, Albert Pujols is showing us that he is in fact in decline. Yes, he is still going to put up amazing numbers this year most likely, but probably not as amazing as last year, which was the worst season of his career. Albert Pujols will continue to put up better than average numbers over the next couple seasons, however not the type of numbers that warrant his ginormous contract.

The Angels made a big mistake by signing Pujols. Instead, they could’ve spent more wisely over the last few seasons and signed one of two first basemen who will be putting up similar numbers to Pujols over the next few years. They are, Mark Teixeira and Prince Fielder. It also would’ve been a little easier to sign those two men. Mark Teixeria left the Angels for the Yankees, and Prince Fielder would’ve been able to get more money from the Angels then he did from the Tigers. In the end, five years from now, Arte Moreno will be shaking his head as he signs $24 million dollar checks for his backup first baseman and designated hitter.

On a more positive note, April was truly an example of why this season will truly live up to its expectations…

Matt Kemp hit 12 home runs, and is tied with Josh Hamilton with 25 rbis. Matt Kemp is proving to all of baseball why he is in fact a force to be reckoned with when it comes to naming the top player in baseball right now.

At the same time, Josh Hamilton is proving to all of baseball why his relapse this past offseason was in fact a small mistake, and why he should be earning an enormous contract this upcoming offseason when he files for free agency.

It’s only April and we already have a perfect game. Phillip Humber threw the first perfect game of the season. For a lesser known pitcher to do it this early only shows us why better known pitchers should start throwing no-hitters any day now.

The Frank McCourt era is officially over in LA. The Guggenheim Baseball group officially wired the entire payment to Frank McCourt today which means that McCourt is no longer one of baseball’s 30 owners. Tomorrow, Mark Walter (controlling owner), Stan Kasten (team president), and Magic Johnson will hold their first official press conference.

Oh yeah, baseball is officially back.


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