This is my baseball blog. Within this blog I will give my opinion and none of yours, because this is my blog, not yours. I will talk about everything going on in the sport of baseball and a little bit of other sports including my fantasy teams. I will talk about controversial topics, pennant races, award races, useless knowledge, and many other baseball and sports issues. I will try to post every couple days however as news and topics dwindle into the offseason I might be forced to post every couple days.

As you can see from my fifth post, “Why Mariano Rivera’s 602nd save means nothing to me…”, I enjoy bringing in my own personal opinion that is usually the opposite of the common baseball fan. Feel free to comment and give me your opinion on the issue that I wrote about, and I will do my best to reply to your comment. If you so happen to think your opinion needs a lot of evidence to back up your claim, go to my contact page and right a blog post describing your opinion with evidence. With luck, your post might end up on this blog! Useless spam comments and “______ SUCKS!” comments aren’t needed or warranted.

I will refrain from using any bias towards my two favorite teams as much as possible by also not telling you who those two teams are. In the end I’m just the typical baseball fan; if the typical fan has broken a couple TV remotes in September and October.

Deuces and enjoy,

Schilling’s Bloody Sock


What's your opinion?

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