__________ Is The New Owner Of The Dodgers

In the next week or so, newspapers all over the country will be able to fill in the blank that currently exists in the title of this blog post. Today, the MLB approved the three finalists to buy the Dodgers and possibly as soon as tomorrow evening, the auction will be over, and so will … Continue reading


If you haven’t heard by now, the NFL is currently investigating a scandal involving the New Orleans Saints defense and whether or not their old defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who currently serves as the defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams, placed bounties on certain players during past NFL seasons to encourage his to play harder and knock … Continue reading

Spring Training… aka “Heaven”

When you go to your local baseball stadium for a good ol’ version of America’s pastime, you are surrounded by tens of thousands of “die-hard” baseball fans. When you go to spring training, you are actually surrounded by thousands of die-hard fans, notice the lack of quotations. If you think you are a die-hard baseball … Continue reading

Baseball is back… So I guess I am too!

There technically is no offseason in baseball due to the fact that baseball arguably has the busiest free agency season. Since the only big news stories involved Pujols, Darvish, Fielder, and a few others, there wasn’t much to talk about the last few months. However, now that all pitchers and catchers have enjoyed their first workouts, there … Continue reading

The Cereal Bowl!

Yes I am referring to the championship game in backyard football. And yes I am also referring to Super Bowl XLVI which was won just two days ago by the New York Giants. Now why am I referring to the Super Bowl as the Cereal Bowl? Because watching a backyard football game would have been … Continue reading