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__________ Is The New Owner Of The Dodgers

In the next week or so, newspapers all over the country will be able to fill in the blank that currently exists in the title of this blog post. Today, the MLB approved the three finalists to buy the Dodgers and possibly as soon as tomorrow evening, the auction will be over, and so will … Continue reading

And we have Joe Torre!

After taking the last week off as I ventured around the country I am back. Today’s post will be about the recent reports that Joe Torre has quit his job with the MLB to pursue the ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers. When McCourt announced he was going to sell the team, Mark Cuban was … Continue reading

I have no idea where this post is heading

I’m just being¬†blatantly¬†honest. I could talk about McCourt. I could talk about free agency. I could talk about Selig. I could talk about anything and because of that I actually have no idea where this post is going… Let’s start off with McCourt. Hallelujah is in prayer books and in psalms (what are those things … Continue reading

A Day of Postponement

Today game six of the World Series was postponed until tomorrow due to the weather. Today the trial between the MLB and Frank McCourt was postponed until late November. In an interesting turn of events the MLB postponed game six much earlier in the day then people would’ve thought. Usually a game will be postponed … Continue reading