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Offseason in review… Thus far.

Pujols signed with the Angels. Fielder signed with the Tigers. When the Cardinals defeated the Rangers in an exciting game game 7 of the World Series, I wouldn’t have believed anyone that told me that Fielder and Pujols would both no longer be playing in the National League. Biggest surprise signing- Angels sign Albert Pujols: … Continue reading

Stadiums Galore!

Well I have only been to 13 stadiums in my life time, however, of those thirteen, I have been to Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, old Yankee Stadium, and Dodger Stadium which are often referred to as four of the greatest ballparks ever to exist. So, due to the lack of big time baseball news and … Continue reading

Ballpark Food

I could talk about awards, free agency, the Dodger’s ownership drama, or any other hot topic in baseball right now. Instead I am going to talk about ballpark food. What stadium has the best hot dog? Best garlic fries? Best overall food experience? These are the three¬†categories¬†I will be going over. Let’s start with garlic … Continue reading