The Curveball

What is this exactly? It’s the newest edition to Schilling’s Bloody Sock!

After being asked repeatedly if I was going to create a feature that would let my readers post their opinion about topics I have and haven’t talked about, I have finally decided it was time to make that possible. The Curveball is exactly that!

The way this works is that if you have a strong opinion about something related to any sport, preferably baseball, and want it posted on this blog, that is now possible! To do so however you have to do a couple things:

1. Contact me: Go to the contact me page and email me your “blog post” it should be about 500-800 words long. My email is

2. Wait: After you send it to me, I will edit it and send you a conformation telling you that your post will be posted soon.

3. Brag: Brag about it to your friends!

4. Keep writing: Once I get around 10,000 hits, if ever, I will be looking to expand with one other writer!

For now, enjoy!

-Schilling’s Bloody Sock


What's your opinion?

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