Best. Weekend. Ever.

Baseball is back!

Recap of why this weekend has exceeded I hope almost every baseball fan’s expectations so far:

Yoenis Cespedes has two homers. Albert Pujols went hitless. Almost two no-hitters. A sixteen inning game. Mariano Rivera blew his first save opportunity of the season. Jose Valverde who saved 49 games last season in 49 opportunities, is 0-1 in save opportunities already this year.

This season is shaping out to be a great one. However, some of what we have witnessed thus far I must say is quite questionable. Examples? Sure!

Chad Billingsley: He was once thought to be the next big pitcher, I think. Yesterday against the Padres, yes I know it was the Padres, he allowed 3 hits in 8 and a third innings and struck out 11 batters. Now that’s just insane.

Yoenis Cespedes: His first home run came about a week ago over in Japan during the opening series between the Athletics and Mariners. Yesterday he hit his second homer of the season. Now I know he has played more games than everyone else, however, if nobody else reaches the two homer mark as quickly as he did, then the A’s scouting department earns an early A+!

Carlos Pena: It looks like good ‘ol Carlos is back from the grave. After a freighting season in Tampa Bay essentially made him sign with the Cubs, Pena not only hit a grand slam in the first inning of the Rays first game of the season, off of CC Sabathia no less; but Pena also got the walk off hit in the same game off of none other than, Mariano Rivera. Fun fact, the last time the Yankees blew a game after leading in the ninth inning on opening day was back in 1934. (Assuming I watched sportscenter correctly)

Now I know these things sound great, but for these three players to perform like they did, aka at MVP levels, over the course of the next six months is highly unlikely. On the contrary, players like Albert Pujols, who went 0-3 on opening day, and Mariano Rivera who blew his first save opportunity of the season, to not come back and perform at MVP levels would be highly unlikely.

All I know at this point is; let’s just hope this season only gets better. Play. Ball.


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