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Stadiums Galore!

Well I have only been to 13 stadiums in my life time, however, of those thirteen, I have been to Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, old Yankee Stadium, and Dodger Stadium which are often referred to as four of the greatest ballparks ever to exist. So, due to the lack of big time baseball news and … Continue reading

Best team uniform?

It’s a tough one to pick and with at least one team changing their look every offseason my favorite uniform changes almost as often as the Pirates manager. This post will be semi based off of another blog’s post about uniforms that I found via mlbtr.com. The blog is… http://www.sportsofboston.com. Check it out sometime. Anyway let’s move … Continue reading

News & Notes: Free Agency Edition

I just realized that I never stated my free agency predictions… However first lets start off with some news and notes… The World Series ended just over a week ago and the Yankees have already contacted the agent of the best starting pitcher without a contract, C.J. Wilson. ESPN New York reported, “Saying he’s ‘just … Continue reading