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It was a bad relationship from the start…

When your manager says that he “loves” or appreciates a dictator of any kind, simply suspending him for five games isn’t serving justice. Ozzie Guillen was a bad decision from the start. Yes he can be funny sometimes, and he can relate to the Latin community that encompasses the Little Havana neighborhood that the new Miami Marlins … Continue reading

Oy vey that’s a lot of rumors…

Albert Pujols is probably going to sign with the Marlins. I mean the Cardinals. I mean the Cubs. I mean a mystery team. Now I mean the Angels because they’re that mystery team. Wait, will it happen tonight? Nope. The Angels are serious about signing Pujols. Wait. What? Throughout the entire day I have been … Continue reading

Best team uniform?

It’s a tough one to pick and with at least one team changing their look every offseason my favorite uniform changes almost as often as the Pirates manager. This post will be semi based off of another blog’s post about uniforms that I found via mlbtr.com. The blog is… http://www.sportsofboston.com. Check it out sometime. Anyway let’s move … Continue reading